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Frequently Asked

How do I know which service I need?

Working with a certified Natural Health Practitioner means you don’t have to decide. Booking a consultation will allow your NHP to listen and assess your individual needs and recommend YOUR best path toward optimal health.

Does this replace my medical doctor or team?

The short answer is No!

Natural Health Practitioners approach your health as a team player with YOUR health being the focus. Encouraging individuals to utilize ALL tools in their toolbox for optimal health, including medical physicians, specialists, chiropractic – use ALL that benefit you. Be selfish with your health! Especially when a pre-existing condition stands.

Does my medical or extended medical cover services?

This is totally dependant on your location. Canada and the US are making chanes to healthcare coverage that provides coverages for some services. Check with your NHP and your coverage provider.

What if I don't want the recommended test or service.

As with any health care protocol, you must decide for yourself which services, protocol or recommendations you take. At Inside Out Health & Wellness, your health is our main priority and that includes your mental and emotional approach to your health. We want you to be comfortable with your choices – and ecstatic with your results!

Where is Inside Out Health & Wellness located?

Inside Out Health & Wellness operates out of the Here to Health Wellness Clinic in Dawson Creek, BC, Canada.

In addition, we offer a mobile appointment system for some communities in Alberta & British Columbia, Canada as well as the Phoenix, Arizona region is the US.

Health & Wellness Classroom

Inside Out Health & Wellness offers the courses listed for individuals, seminars and talks for groups as well.


Take action for your health as you learn. Designed to follow the Laws of Nature, the course combined with supplements and super foods, is pure science with all variables effecting your body’s inner condition are controlled. All sources of inflammation are addressed.


Currently B.E.S.T is available as a 1 on 1 training or consultation, however the format will soon be available as an online learning tool, watch for announcements coming soon!


With clinical proof backing, this program supports healthy metabolic function. You’ll learn lifelong healthy habits, have the expert and group support of fellow participants and you can track your progress along the way with our BioTracker, measuring key biomarkers. 

Health & Wellness Community

Clinic owner Tracy Hunter-Heartt, has recruited a wonderfully well rounded team of health, wellness, and medical professionals and brought them all under one roof. It’s also where the Inside Out Health and Wellness office is!



Contact me about my mobile appointments!

Ask about appointments and services offered outside of the B.C. Peace Region, in Alberta and Phoenix, Arizona.


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