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Good Day! It was a grey day out there, the rain fell most of the day so - inside day! This means if all went well, the blog is up and running, and you can subscribe with a little click. So come on, subscribe and get "A Healthy Dose of Wellness," delivered right to...

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All the way…

All the way…

Live Blood Cell Analysis with me! The best way to start something is to begin, so with that in mind, I'm easing into my first blog by using my own personal ghost writer for my first post. Who you ask? Well she wouldn't be a ghost if I gave up her identity. As someone...

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About Shanon

I'm a Natural Health Practitioner that just wants everyone to feel as good as I did when I discovered what a more holistic approach to my health could actually do for me. I've been studying alternative health care strategies and seeking more natural-based medical approaches for myself and my family for many years. Now it's time to help others have the optimal health we all deserve and can accomplish. Because I became certified in all of the things that worked so well for me, every technique or tool used is one I stand behind.

Individuals, Groups & Seminars

Wellness Classroom

  • TAFYH – Designed to follow the Laws of Nature, course combined with supplements and super foods, is pure science with all variables effecting your body’s inner condition are controlled. 
  • B.E.S.T. 1 on 1 training or consultation, but format will soon be available as an online learning tool. Announcement Fall 2019!
  • In.Form™Clinically backed program supports healthy metabolic function. Learn lifelong healthy habits, expert and group support of fellow participants and you can track your progress along the way with our BioTracker, measuring key biomarkers. 
  • Talks & Seminars – Available for group talks and seminars on mulitiple health & wellness topics.

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