Live Blood Cell Analysis with me!

The best way to start something is to begin, so with that in mind, I’m easing into my first blog by using my own personal ghost writer for my first post. Who you ask? Well she wouldn’t be a ghost if I gave up her identity.

As someone recently said to me, “I only know how to do this thing one way; All the way.” I liked that and I’m applying it with this blog. Inexperienced and admittedly a little timid around the whole social media, blogging, and basically getting online areas, I’m just going to go all the way.

The Facebook Page is up and is helping me get some relevant health and wellness information out to you. Visit or follow us on Pinterest and Instagram as well. Thanks to my daughter, who has really gone the extra mile for me with the social media!

Of course if you are reading this, then you already know that the new Inside Out Health and Wellness web site is up and running, hosting this blog, information on services offered, a bit about me and exactly what is a “Natural Health Practitioner”.

Stick with me as I get going with blogging, it’s sure to be fun, interesting and filled with the great information and products I’m in contact with at Inside Out Health and Wellness!

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