A Natural Evolution In Health

Shanon Pratt, NHP, B.E.S.T., CHCP & C. Microscopist

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Natural Health Practitioner

Support and stimulate the natural healing abilities of the body with various specialties within natural medicine like massage therapy, homeopathic medicine, reflexology, iridology and many more.
Sometimes referred to as alternative or holistic  medicine.

Bio Energetic Synchronization (B.E.S.T.)

State of the art system of health care balances mind, body, memory, and soul energy fields by removing interferences, allowing your body to repair and rebuild your damaged, painful condition(s).


Holistic Cancer Care

Certified Holistic Cancer Care Practitioners take an individualized, integrative


Live Cell Microscopy

Individual assessment of nutritional imbalances, altered blood ecology patterns

Metabolic Healing

Based on rebalancing of hormones and metabolism through nutrition

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities can create digestion issues, skin rashes, breathing irregularities

What Is A Natural Health Practitioner?

Natural Health Practitioners follow a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on treating the person as whole rather than the illness.

Sometimes referred to as alternative or holistic medicine, natural health practitioners support and stimulate the natural healing abilities of the body with various specialties within natural medicine like live cell analysis, massage therapy, herbal medicine, iridology, homeopathic medicine and others.

What is Holistic Cancer Care?

Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioners take an individualized, integrative, holistic approach combining natural interventions with more traditional medical protocols.

Nutritional and natural therapies address and define the critical components cancer clients face before, during and after their journey.

About Me

I wasn’t one of those 20 something -year-old people blessed with optimal health. Struggling with different health issues and not getting the results I needed from traditional means, I filled any downtime studying alternative health care strategies and seeking more natural-based medical help.

With each step I was healthier. I quit feeling like my body was working against me and began feeling unstoppable!

You could say I was going through my own “Natural Evolution in Health”.

Each successful strategy, protocol or technique, left me with a need to not just share my experience but help others feel this good too!

So I chose the most logical path. I became certified in all of the things that worked so well for me.

One of the best feelings in the world is when a client shares how they feel about taking control of their health… and making it optimal!


“Within minutes of discussing my medical diagnosis with Shanon, she knew exactly where we should start. With her help I was feeling better in 3 weeks than I had in many years. Forever Grateful!”


“I was in so much pain with Fibromyalgia I could no longer go to the gym, I took a TAFYH course with Shanon, eating right and knowing how to Take Action for my own Health has gotten me pain free and back into the gym.”


“I have been on medication for asthma for years, with change of diet and some supplements I am happy to say I only use my inhaler a few times a month not twice a day as I used to.”


Let’s get you to optimal health!

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